Starting and Completing Your Project

Congratulations to all of our Birmingham Land Bank Buyers! It was a pleasure working with you.

The BLBA has helped Birmingham citizens and organizations close on hundreds of properties since being established in 2014. We are so proud of the many people who have helped make this all possible. It is our job to help people get control of these tax delinquent properties, but it is our buyer’s responsibility to complete the projects in the way that was agreed upon. Below is the compliance form that all buyers are required to fill out and submit to our staff. It is imperative that our buyers are actively working towards completing their projects within the allotted time in order to revitalize our great neighborhoods. As a buyer, you are legally bound to the projects that were agreed upon in your contract.

If you encounter issues with the form, please submit your responses via email to

Compliance Check Form

Congratulations on closing on your Birmingham Land Bank property. We are so excited to see all of the progress being made. Please be sure to fill out this form in the first 15 days of your closing date and then every 90 days or 3 months until your project is complete. Failure to submit this form during these required date may result in the reconveyance of your property.


In This Section, You Will Indicate What Work You Have Performed On The Property During The Time Period That This Report Was Submitted. You Must Fill Out Each Section. If No Work Was Done, Please Respond With "No Work". If Work Was Completed Or Is In Progress, Please Be Prepared to Upload Permits Or Provide The Permit Number.