Birmingham Land Bank Properties Available for Immediate Acquisition

Check Back Soon For an Updated Immediate Acquisition List

Applications Are Now Closed Please Check Back Periodically for the Next Application Period

Offers for each property will begin at $5,000 plus closing costs. You will put in an offer for the properties that you want to acquire in your application. If you have any questions, contact us through the “Contact Us” tab. Please no phone calls or walk-ins as we work diligently to update this page.

We ask that you include your best assessment of what you would be prepared to invest in the property. Please be as detailed as possible. We understand that a full inspection is required to allow for complete estimates to be provided.

During this round of applications, we ask that you give your best assessment of what you would have to and are prepared to invest worst case scenario in the property.

Due to limited staffing, we plan to schedule group inspections after the application period ends. This will provide applicants with an opportunity to adjust any numbers.

We look forward to working with you all. Please direct any questions to

Applications are now closed please check back periodically for the next application period.

The following parcels have had their titles cleared by the Birmingham Land Bank Authority. They are listed as “Immediate Sale” and will be available for immediate acquisition from the Birmingham Land Bank Authority. Interested parties are required to submit an application for each interested property. A proposal for each interested property is required and must be fully completed based off of the guidelines listed in the application. All proposals will be reviewed and prioritized. If your application is accepted, you will be able to get ownership of these properties as soon as a closing date is scheduled.

Property Address Parcel Number Neighborhood/ Community
821 1st St SW Birmingham, Al 35211 290003102200500 Arlington West End
825 11th St W Birmingham, AL 35211 290004400500900 Arlington West End
301 13th Ave NW Birmingham, Al 35215 130025100601700 Bridlewood
7225 Naples Ave Birmingham, Al 35206 230014301800600 Brown Springs
202 Ave Y Birmingham,Al 35214 220029202402200 Central Pratt
1014 5th St W Birmingham, Al 35204 220034200804100000 College Hills
1509 20th St N Birmingham, Al 35234 220026101601400 Druid Hills
7322 Oporto Ave Birmingham, Al 35206 230014300103400 East Lake
6932 66th St S Birmingham, Al 35212 230022100202900 East Lake
3513 39th PL N Birmingham, Al 35217 230018101601700 Inglenook
4223 40th Ct N Birmingham, Al 35217 2300172014009000 Inglenook
8126 5th Ave N Birmingham, Al 35206 2300101023022000 North East Lake
417 83rd St N Birmingham, Al 35206 2300101011012000 North East Lake
1711 Pine Ave Birmingham, Al 35211 290021201100300 Powderly
3525 Hickory Ave SW Birmingham, Al 35221 290019400600500 Riley
3528 Jefferson Ave Birmingham, Al 35221 290019200701300 Riley
3529 Hemlock Ave SW Birmingham, Al 35221 290019400500700 Riley
3640 Pine Ave SW Birmingham  Al. 35221 1290019303401300 Riley
5124 Lillian St Birmingham, Al 35228 6830002520060010 Roosevelt
5620 Lincoln Ave Birmingham, Al 35228 6830002520060010 Roosevelt
121 Lawson Rd Birmingham, Al 35215 1130035400100100 Roebuck
124 95th St N Birmingham, Al 35206 2300021005011000 Roebuck
9057 Beverly Dr. Birmingham, Al 35206 1230002200301400 Roebuck
9020 Belvoir Dr. Birmingham, Al 35206 1230002200502000 Roebuck
521 85th St   Birmingham, Al 35206 1230011102002700 Roebuck
8526 1st Ave S Birmingham, Al 35206 1230011100900200 Roebuck
1904 10th St Birmingham, Al 35214 1220032200600800 South Pratt
1724 Center St S Birmingham, Al 35205 1290010110210000 South Titusville
724 Delta St S Birmingham, Al 35205 1290002303103700 South Titusville
122 74th St N Birmingham, Al 35206 1230015102901500 Wahouma
7604 2nd Ave N Birmingham, Al 35206 1230015100500700 Wahouma
1717 Davis Ave SW Birmingham, Al 35211 1290016202100200 West End Manor
4712 9th Ct N Birmingham, Al 35212 1230020400300400 Woodlawn
4728 13th Ave N Birmingham, Al 35212 2302010080150000 Woodlawn
5028 9th Ave N Birmingham, Al 35212 1230021300800500 Woodlawn