Birmingham Land Bank Authority Signage


As you drive around Birmingham, you may periodically see 4 foot by 4 foot signs that mention the Land Bank. The text on the signs read as follows: “THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN CONVEYED TO THE BIRMINGHAM LAND BANK AUTHORITY AND IS SUBJECT TO A QUIET TITLE ACTION. PERSONS WITH INFORMATION REGARDING THE PRIOR OWNERSHIP OF […]


We routinely receive inquiries from individuals and groups interested in purchasing a large number of properties for residential or commercial development. If you fall into this category, we recommend that you contact our City of Birmingham – Community Development Department or Economic Development Departments to present your plans. If supported, they will be able to direct you […]

May Information Session

Join the staff of the Land Bank as we provide an overview of current Land Bank programs and and address your general questions. These sessions will take place on May 9th at 9:30am and 5:30pm . We will meet in the 2nd floor Gallery of Distinguished Citizens at Birmingham City Hall. If you would like […]

Senior Citizen or Disabled Property Tax Exemptions

Periodically, we run into the situation where an applicant has applied to acquire a tax delinquent property that an elderly or disabled citizen currently owns and resides in. Many of these individuals qualify for senior citizen or disability exemptions at the Jefferson County Tax Assessor’s Office. Get peace of mind and please check on all […]