Special September Board Meeting

Our regularly scheduled board meeting will take place Monday 9/17 at 3pm. 710 North 20th Street 7th Floor, Legal Conference Room Birmingham, Al 35203 Items to be discussed include: Board Officers, Update (Operations, Quiet Titles Actions, Closings, Finances), Hurdles (Sewer Liens, Education, Staff and Funding) The BLBA has made great strides as the first municipal…Read More→

Announcement: Woodlawn Foundation to close on purchase of first batch of 60 properties from Birmingham Land Bank Authority.

Birmingham, AL – On Friday, Aug. 17, the Woodlawn Foundation will close on 20 properties that were once tax delinquent, overgrown and abandoned in Woodlawn. These are part of 60 Birmingham Land Bank Authority properties the Woodlawn Foundation has identified for purchase to help revitalize the Woodlawn community. Since its inception, the Woodlawn Foundation’s primary real estate strategy has been providing high quality, mixed-income and single-family housing options…Read More→

Play your part in Neighborhood Revitalization


Neighborhood Revitalization involves the cooperation/collaboration of all parties. Property owners must maintain their properties and stay current on their property taxes. Every yard cut and every house torn down represents thousands of dollars that the city of Birmingham must spend on property that it does not own. Every property tax bill that goes unpaid represents…Read More→