Catalytic Development Projects

Catalytic Development Projects

As outlined in section 3.1 of the Birmingham Land Bank Authority’s Policies and Procedures, Applications and requests for catalytic development opportunities identified in plans and projects adopted and supported by the City of Birmingham will receive special consideration by the Birmingham Land Bank Authority (BLBA).

If you are non-municipal entity or organization that desires to acquire a large number of properties for development, we recommend that you contact our Community Development Department and Economic Development Departments with your plans. Your plans must align with the goals of the neighborhood and the relevant City of Birmingham Departments.

If your department or entity that your department is partnering with on any type of catalytic development project desires to acquire property through the BLBA, we request that you follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Submit project form via email to . On that document, please include the following:
  • Project narrative
  • Project site map
  • Evidence of financial capacity to complete project
    • Anticipated project costs and source of funds to complete project
  • Evidence of past projects to demonstrate capacity to complete project
For each eligible parcel requested
o   Parcel #

o   Location

o   Owner

o   Photograph

  1. Submit online application for properties at
  2. Present to BLBA Board of Directors for approval with the source of funding.
  3. Execute purchase contract/redevelopment agreement where necessary
    • Intergovernmental agreement if funds are expected to be transferred from city account to BLBA account
  4. Remit deposit amount of anticipated base project cost. (Base $5,000.00 per parcel)
  5. The BLBA will then commence acquisition of properties for your organization.
    • The BLBA will request Tax Deed and commence a quiet title action.
  6. At closing, remaining costs will be paid by the purchaser.
    • Purchaser will receive a Special Warranty Deed

Redevelopment agreement and deeds will have language in them that ensure that the acquisition and subsequent use aligns with plans agreed upon by the Birmingham Land Bank Authority Board of Directors.