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A significant number of Land Bank eligible properties have Jefferson County sewer liens attached to them. You can look up information on Jefferson County’s sewer website to find more information on a property in particular.

The Department of Planning, Engineering and Permits exists to provide public safety to the citizens of Birmingham. PEP staff members include licensed or certified professionals in engineering, architecture, building code, surveying, planning, zoning, historic preservation, and right-of-way procurement.  These public servants work to enforce codes and regulations, issue various permits for public and private property, execute projects, provide emergency responses, and undertake regular updates to the city’s comprehensive plan and its various components.

Birmingham online GIS/Mapping

The Jefferson County Tax Assessor is charged with responsibility to discover, list, assess, apply exemptions, abatements, current use, and process real and personal property tax returns.

Jefferson County Land Records. The Probate Court (Land Records office) is a constitutional office established by the Alabama state legislature as the custodian of legal documents pertaining to real property. These documents include Warranty Deeds, Mortgages, Releases, Powers of Attorney, Liens, Plats, Amendments and other miscellaneous documents designated by state law to be recorded by the Probate Court Recording department.

Alabama Department of Revenue Property Tax Division

Jefferson County Tax Collector

Jefferson County GIS/Online Mapping

Jefferson County Citizen’s Access Portal- Property Tax Administration Website

Jefferson County Probate Court