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Maximum Number of Properties You Can Apply For

The Accelerated Home Ownership Program (AHOP) is a collaborative effort among the Birmingham Land Bank Authority, community lenders, and local homebuilders to create home ownership in Birmingham. A secondary goal is to stimulate neighborhood revitalization in the Birmingham area.

AHOP was designed to mitigate the housing demand in Birmingham by providing access to buildable lots for new construction or existing structures that can be rehabilitated. Interested applicants will be required to successfully complete three stages:


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Applicants will first undergo a loan approval process to be reviewed by the lender and a BLBA staff member. Applicants must clear minimum credit standards, be reliably employed, and maintain any other requirements mandated by the lender. Each approved applicant shall provide a soft second in favor of the BLBA. The soft second shall be second a mortgage lien on the approved lot. The second mortgage in favor of the BLBA shall secure applicant’s obligations to develop the property consistent with the approved design and to occupy the property as a primary residence for five years.


Upon approval by the lender and BLBA, the applicant will move to the building stage which involves lot selection, design approval, and development. The applicant will meet with a participating builder and select a floor plan and a lot from a pool of lots in the BLBA’s inventory of properties in Fountain Heights. Once a lot and floorplan is selected, the applicant will submit the selected floor plan to the BLBA for lot approval. The designs will be submitted to the BLBA Chairman, the lender, and a neighborhood representative named by the Chairman. Once the lots is approved by the BLBA, the participating builder will begin construction.