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Laying the foundation for an efficient and effective program has been our goal. Our staff of three has done a tremendous job in managing the overwhelming workload. We are extremely proud of all that has been accomplished with the resources at hand. We have learned numerous lessons in crafting this program and look forward to seeing the great benefit it will have as a tool in conjunction with the other efforts to push neighborhood revitalization in Birmingham.

We’ve organized the demand and created a process to apply, review, approve and see those properties through clear title. Due to a myriad of external issues, it hasn’t been as efficient as we desire, but this program has been constructed from the ground up with no other operational example to follow under Alabama statutory and case law. We continue to improve each day.

Since program inception, we have received over 4,700 applications. We know that the desire of our citizens and organizations with a vested interest in neighborhood revitalization continues to grow. We also know that our staff of three must develop a system to analyze and process each application when we open back up. Our team aims to be able to provide applicants with up to date information and an accurate timeline.

We hope to start accepting applications as soon as possible and ask that you bear with us as we work to craft an application process that benefits staff and the public.

As always, the Land Bank Authority will make the most of the resources allocated to us to serve the people of The City of Birmingham.

Join us at a Board meeting. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 2pm. Check back at periodically to see announcements regarding meeting times.

Also, please reach out if you would like BLBA staff to address your group. This is a complex issue and we want to ensure that each of our communities is equipped to take advantage of opportunties to take advantage of the services that the BLBA offers.