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Like you, we are anxiously awaiting the opening of a new application period. The evaluation of applications involves a large amount of time and energy as we work to only contract with applicants that intend to utilize acquisitions from the BLBA in a manner that is beneficial to the surrounding community and the City of Birmingham.

The BLBA team has been working to hire additional staff during this past year. Those hires include a field person to evaluate and monitor compliance on BLBA properties along with staff member that solely focuses on applications and related outreach.

We do not have a timeline on their start dates. Until we have them in place, our next full Application period is expected to start in November for the Quiet Title Program.

If we get staff in place prior to that, we will open the full application period up, on a rolling basis so that any interested party will be able to apply throughout the year.

If you cannot wait until then, properties eligible for our program have been sitting in the state’s inventory for at least five years. You can always reach out to the State Department of Revenue to work through their process.

WE WILL BEGIN ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS  within the next two weeks on several Immediate Acquisition Parcels. Check our website each week to keep up to date.

CURRENT APPLICANTS: You should be receiving written correspondence from staff in the next two weeks. We have received deeds this week and are in the process of recording and assessing each of them.

We encourage all to check out and read our post from July with other updates.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Page.