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Work With Us

The Birmingham Land Bank strategically invests in blighted properties to enhance community safety, value and vibrancy. By acquiring abandoned properties and putting them back on the market with clear, insurable titles, we help to promote stable neighborhoods and stimulate a healthier community.

In order to facilitate the process of returning distressed properties to productive use, we are in need of property maintenance and renovation contractors. In some cases, we will rehabilitate a property completely before transferring it to a new owner; in others, we will stabilize and maintain the property before specifying further repairs to be completed by the new homeowner as a term of sale. In all cases the Land Bank will need varying degrees of contractor involvement.

If you are interested in working with us and providing repair, reconstruction and required maintenance, please complete our Pre-Qualification Verification Form. After successfully completing the pre-qualification process, contractors are placed on an eligible vendor list that the land bank continuously updates and maintains for ongoing contractor needs. Please direct any questions to


Verification Note to Contractors

The Birmingham Land Bank (BLBA) emphasizes the importance of craftsmanship and quality materials in the performance of work. This emphasis requires a certain level of skill and experience on the part of the Contractor. Consequently, the BLBA has established a pre-qualification procedure for Contractors, and has developed and maintains a list of prequalified Contractors in the respective trades. Contract for work are awarded only to pre-qualified Contractors. Instructions: In order to pre-qualify, a Contractor must:

  • Complete the Contractor’s Pre-Qualification Verification Form in its entirety and submit it to the BLBA.
  • Agree to provide equal employment opportunities, as evidenced by Contractor’s signed Equal Employment Opportunity Certification (See attached).
  • Submit a signed Contractor’s Warranty Statement (See Attached).
  • Submit Certificate of Insurance, confirming compliance with the BLBA’s Insurance Requirements (See attached).
  • Submit a completed W-9 Tax Form (attached).
  • Provide all licenses and certifications required by the BLBA.
  • Submit proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance.
  • If applicable, submit proof of registration with the City of Birmingham If, in the opinion of the BLBA, the Contractor meets the program’s standards for Qualified Contractors, the Contractor’s name will be placed on the list of Qualified Contractors, according to trade or specialty.

The BLBA reserves the right to require additional information, including a financial statement from contractors, as a necessary pre-requisite to pre-qualification. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Birmingham Land Bank Authority