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Thousands of properties in the City of Birmingham are at least three years or more tax delinquent. If you are interested in acquiring one, click the button down below. If there is a specific property you are interested in you can type it into the search bar. To find property in a specific area, click the “View all Properties” button and filter the map.

Can’t Find A Property? Contact Us!

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Who’s Eligible For BLBA Programming?

  • Has the City of Birmingham cut the grass or demolished a structure on a property that you own?
  • Has the City of Birmingham cut the grass or demolished a structure on a property owned by an entity in which you are an agent, incorporator, member, owner, or officer of?
  • Are any properties owned by you or the aforementioned entity tax delinquent?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be barred from participation in our programming.

  • Overall
  • Each property that applicant owns must be free and clear of any code violations or any tax delinquent notices.
  • Applicant must provide current pictures and a summary of the use and status of each property that they own in the City of Birmingham.
  • For more detailed information click here.
  • Programs
  • Quiet Title Program
  • Immediate Acquisition Program
  • Lease Program
  • The parcel is at least 5 3 years or more tax delinquent and deemed “sold to state”. Meaning the Alabama Department of Revenue holds the tax deed.
  • The parcel is unoccupied.
  • Click here to learn how to check the tax delinquency status.
  • Click here to learn how to check eligibility on a property that you think may be eligible.
  • If you find that the parcel has been sold to state for three years or more you may submit that information to us so that we can investigate and make it available for application.
  • Click here to submit parcel information on our Contact Us page.
  • This program gives the applicant fee simple ownership of a parcel following the completion of an action to quiet title by the BLBA.
  • This program provides applicants with the opportunity to obtain ownership of an eligible parcel that has already gone through the quiet title process.
  • These programs are for those wanting to maintain a vacant and abandoned lot without a structure. It does not give the applicant fee simple ownership and the term is two years.

How To Apply

Learn about the Land Bank Authority and the Programs that we offer. Also, check to see if you are eligible to participate in our programming.

After learning about the BLBA pick the program that best suits your needs/plans.

Find the property that fits the program that you want to participate in on our map. Click here to view the map. Properties shaded in green should be eligible for our program and can be applied for. You can use the filter option on the map to find property in a specific area you are interested in. This map acts as our list of properties that should be available for our program.

Don’t see a specific property listed on our map? Don’t worry it may still be eligible! Visit our useful links tab and check the Jefferson County Citizens Access Portal and the Alabama Department of Tax Revenue page to see if the property you want is Land Bank eligible. The Property must be at least 3 year’s or more tax delinquent, unoccupied, and deemed “Sold to State”. Once the eligibility of the property has been verified, visit our contact us page and fill out the form with information about the property. We will contact you with next steps within 2 to 3 days.

Once you have identified the property that you want, visit the property and take photos. You’ll need these for your application. We only require exterior photos of the property. Please do not attempt to enter the property. These photos verify that you are aware of the state of the property that you intend to apply for. You will also be required to upload pictures of any property that you own. This will aid us in the assessment of how you manage any property that you currently own and the appropriateness of the BLBA conveying any additional property to you.

Draft a document containing the plans that you have for the property that you are applying for. Be as detailed as possible. List potential contractors that you plan to use, proof of funds, any previous rehabilitation experience, and a potential timeline. We understand that you cannot know all the necessary improvements at this time, however, please address Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, and Heating/Cooling. You will have time to fine tune this document during the inspection period.

Congratulations! You are now ready to apply! If your application is approved, it is best to go ahead and have your earnest money ready so that we can get started on getting you your property as quickly as possible. If anything should happen during the Quiet Title and or Lot Lease process, such as a redemption or the inability to receive the tax deed, don’t worry! We will refund you your money.