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Every year properties that are tax delinquent are auctioned off at the Jefferson County Tax sale. Those that go unsold are deemed sold to the state of Alabama Department of Revenue. Back taxes, municipal liens, and other assessments pile up on these properties making their acquisition and the time required much more expensive than their actual or assessed value.

Properties that are eligible for acquisition by the Birmingham Land Bank Authority (BLBA) are those that have been delinquent for 5 years and sold to the state of Alabama. The Birmingham Land Bank Authority has the ability to acquire tax deeds to these properties and immediately file actions to clear clouded titles, back taxes and municipal liens on these properties. The BLBA legislation also explicitly allows the land bank to sidestep the 3-year possession requirement in Alabama law. The City of Birmingham has over 10,000 parcels that fit this category.

Visit the view properties page to see the thousands of properties available for acquisition through our programs.

The Birmingham Land Bank Authority (BLBA) currently operates three programs for residential properties. Two of these programs, Adopt-A-Lot and Side-Lot, are 2 year lease programs. These programs allow applicants to utilize and maintain vacant eligible lots while saving money to acquire fee simple ownership of the property through our Quiet Title Program. Through the Quiet Title Program, the BLBA will file a quiet title action on the property to clear all back taxes, municipal assessments, and any other outstanding claims on the property so that the buyer will obtain full ownership with a Statutory Warranty Deed.

Visit our How to Apply page for information on the application process.