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Periodically, we run into the situation where an applicant has applied to acquire a tax delinquent property that an elderly or disabled citizen currently owns and resides in.

Many of these individuals qualify for senior citizen or disability exemptions at the Jefferson County Tax Assessor’s Office.

Get peace of mind and please check on all of your friends/family members to make sure that they are current on their taxes and/or have sought all exemptions that they may qualify for.

From the Jefferson County Tax Assessor’s Website:

“To apply for senior citizens or disability exemption you must bring proof of age (birth certificate or drivers license) and most recent Federal and State income tax returns to the Tax Assessor’s office between October 1 and December 31 to be eligible for exemption on the next years tax. · You must own and occupy the single family residence. You must be 65 years of age or considered disabled as of October 1. · To apply for the disability exemption, we require 2 proofs of disability (letter from doctor, social security, or company disability letter stating the individual is totally and permanently disabled). · Total or partial exemption is based on income. Anyone over 65 years of age will be entitled to exemption on the State’s portion of property tax. · This exemption must be claimed in advance. The current tax bill will still need to be paid. This exemption must be renewed annually. · Person claiming exemption or someone with power of attorney can claim the exemption. Exemptions for Organizations: · Property owned by an exempt entity and used totally and exclusively for religious, charitable or educational purposes shall be exempted from payment of property taxes. · The entire property must be used for the purpose for which application is made. · Religious or charitable ownership or non-profit use does not automatically exempt the property.”

Please contact the Birmingham Tax Assessor at (205)325-5505 or the Bessemer Tax Assessor at (205) 481-4125 to discuss these and any other exemptions.

Gaynell Hendricks, Tax Assessor
Room 170
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd N
Birmingham, Alabama 35203 Phone (205) 325-5505

Charles Winston, Assistant Tax Assessor, Bessemer Division
Room 209 Courthouse
Bessemer, Alabama 35020 Phone (205) 481-4126