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As the summer break ends, the Birmingham Land Bank Authority has said goodbye to its summer interns. Over the last 8 weeks, the BLBA was fortunate to host two extremely talented interns. Jordan and Marley. Both from Birmingham,  they are now heading back to Spelman and Alabama A&M, where they both hold active leadership roles not only in their college community, but in the communities around their schools.

While at the BLBA, our interns received in depth experience in the various areas involved in the operation of the program. These areas include: municipal government budgeting, public municipal corporate governance, program evaluation, intergovernmental and interagency cooperation, marketing/communications, property and real estate law, and the numerous office and field tasks that go into keeping the operation running.

Our interns were able to network with various subject matter experts and leaders that are working diligently towards holistic revitalization in Birmingham’s 99 neighborhoods. They spent considerable amounts of time with non-profit, legal, planning and community development professionals learning about the roles that they each play in the BLBA process and how the BLBA plays a role in their process.

In addition to working on assigned tasks, Jordan and Marley each took the initiative to identify and complete tasks that would be beneficial to the BLBA. Jordan created videos that highlighted a few of our non-profit partners and Marley worked on materials to help break down the complex BLBA process into layman’s terms.  While they both have returned to their respective schools, they have each committed to contribute throughout the school year as time permits.

We are extremely grateful for the time and energy that these two bright students contributed not only to the Birmingham Land Bank, but to the City of Birmingham.  We hope that they will choose to return and bless the city with their talents in the future.

Below, you will find several of the videos highlighting organizations that have partnered with and are acquiring properties through the BLBA.